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June 7, 2024

Enhanced Widget JS Behaviour

Widget Behaviour Exposure to DOM

We've further exposed our widget behaviour as Javascript events to provide our customers with enhanced flexibility and control. This means customers can now trigger the widget based off JavaScript events, as well as initiate events based on the closure of the widget.

This improved accessibility and control should allow power users more leeway in customising their widget's implementation, creating a richer, more personalised user experience.

Check out the Help article on the widget here.

May 31, 2024

Launch of Native Video In Search and Brand Guidelines

We've been busy at Brainfish, introducing new multimodal support in search alongside this month's search engine upgrades:

Native Video Uploads and Videos in Answers

In response to customer feedback, we've upgraded our multimodal search with native video support. Now, Brainfish can deliver videos in Help Center answers, as well as images (when enabled from Search Configuration). To support this new advancement, we have incorporated native video support within the editor. Customers can now upload videos up to 500MB in size directly into the editor, eliminating the need for external hosting platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Loom.

Brainfish Brand Guidelines

We've also launched our own Brand Guidelines to assist with the increasing demand for design and PR. The guidelines offer a curated set of specifications for Brainfish in a user-friendly format. This makes it easier for everyone to represent our brand accurately and consistently.

May 24, 2024

Rolling Out Combination Models to Support Wider Use Cases

We're delighted to announce another significant update aimed at amplifying our answer experience:

Combination Language Models (LLM) for More Customers

We are now expanding the reach of our combination LLM models to serve more customers. These advanced models perform multiple queries and generations in real time behind the scenes to create a "best of all" answer for users. This key advancement will lead to more precise, comprehensive, and satisfactory answers.

We've also improved our spell checking capability on our search engine, to better handle misspelled searches contextually depending on the business.

May 17, 2024

Financial Services Support, Search Bar Supporting Text, and Zendesk Import Cleanup

We're excited to announce a series of significant updates this week, especially designed to expand our reach and enhance user experience:

Financial Services Support

In our journey to support various industries, we've launched several functionalities specifically designed for regulated sectors like financial services. With these new tools, we can now guarantee that our AI search answers will pass all necessary legal checks. This furthers our commitment to provide accurate, relevant, and prompt customer service across diverse domains.

Markdown in Help Center's Supporting Text

To improve visibility and user interaction, we now allow markdown formatted information text underneath the Search bar on the Help Center. This feature can be configured using Markdown in the Search configuration tab of Settings.

Zendesk Import Cleanup

Understanding the need for seamless integration, we've undertaken a comprehensive cleanup of the Zendesk import function. This will better support weird formats and broken articles when importing from an old Zendesk account.

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