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March 29, 2024

April 2024 Platform Infrastructure Upgrades

We're ushering in the new season with some major updates to keep your Brainfish experience secure, robust, and smart!

Significant Infrastructure Upgrade

We have executed a substantial infrastructure upgrade for the Brainfish platform. This upgrade not only enhances the capability and compatibility of our system but also fortifies it against potential vulnerabilities. We'll continue investing in and prioritising the backend to ensure optimal performance and security for all users.

More Contextual Answers

Understanding context is key to any conversation and it's no different for AI. We've improved our search engine's ability to process and understand more context, allowing it to generate increasingly accurate and relevant answers. This means fewer misses and more direct hits, resulting in speedy and efficient customer service.

ML Guardrails Implementation

In our ongoing pursuit to refine and enhance our AI capabilities, we've initiated the implementation of guardrails for our machine learning algorithms. These guardrails serve to guide the AI’s learning process to avoid potential pitfalls and improve its understanding and response to customer queries. This brings us one step closer to our goal of delivering an intuitive, reliable, and efficient AI service to our users.

Stay tuned for even more enhancements in our upcoming updates!

March 22, 2024

Brainfish for Slack: Instant inline answers

We're blazing new trails with our latest update. Now, Brainfish can seamlessly integrate with your Slack workspace.

Introducing /fish:
Gone are the days of waiting for information or bothering team members for documented answers. Say hello to instant, AI-driven responses! Just type '/fish' followed by your question into Slack and get an immediate response generated from your product docs.

This allows members of your workspace to have quick and easy access to necessary information without switching platforms, streamlining your team's workflow and increasing efficiency.

March 15, 2024

EU Region Optimisation and Improvements in Dark Mode

Maintaining our stride in enhancing user experience, here's what this week's update includes:

EU Region Optimisation

For our users in EU, we've optimised our servers to reduce latency and deliver smoother, faster responses. This optimisation ensures our clients in Europe can utilise Brainfish's rich features without any geographical lags.

Dark Mode Fixes

Listening to your feedback, we made a series of small bug fixes and adjustments to improve the Brainfish experience in dark mode. This should provide a more seamless viewing experience for those late-night work sessions and offer relief to your eyes in darker settings.

As always, thank you for your feedback and suggestions. Every improvement we make is driven by your needs, and we're dedicated to helping your business understand and serve its customers better.

March 8, 2024

Shareable Answers, EU Deployment, and Editor Improvements

This week we are delivering significant Brainfish enhancements, tailored for sharing - and for our European users:

Quick Share & Copy Functionality

We've enhanced the Brainfish Help Center to now include a quick share button, letting you send an entire Q&A sequence—including any related articles—instantly. We've cleverly packed the question and answer into the shared URL, making it simple for others to see the exact response you received. Alternatively, a new copy button lets you easily add an answer to your clipboard for further use.

Deployment for EU Users

We have successfully expanded our EU infrastructure, concluding our second deployment specifically for the European region. This serves to increase speed, reliability and data protection for our valued European customers by keeping services within the region.

Editor Tweaks

We’ve tightened up the Brainfish Editor by sorting out a few minor bugs. This should make the text manipulation experience within the Brainfish app significantly more fluid.

We couldn't make these improvements without your feedback - keep it coming!

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