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October 20, 2023

Performance Enhancements and Monitoring

This week was a bit of a roller coaster for the team!

We made a few performance enhancements to search, and then unfortunately we had a search degradation caused by one of our cloud partners which we resolved quickly on Friday.

As a result we've now implemented more comprehensive monitoring, performance management, and created a status page here.

Answer quality has now also been improved again, with more comprehensive and specific responses that are more consistently relevant.

We've also added some bells and whistles to simple search in the Help Center (CMD+K) where you can now find any nested article with 1 click.

Widget Updates

  • The widget can now be initialised in specific regions by default
  • Users can also now turn on search by category, which will clarify with the user what category they want to search through, and then perform the search with that filter on

October 13, 2023

Interactive PDFs with AI

Brace yourselves! Get excited for the new features we've just rolled out in the platform

New stuff

Interactive PDFs for Enterprise Customers

Are you a regulated business or have a fat stash of instruction manuals?
We've now got a shiny new feature that allows customers to ask any question about your PDF document, and voila! - they'll get an answer highlighted straight in the PDF itself. They can even get a generated answer if they want. Handy, right?


Analytics Dark Mode UI

  • Midnight workers, rejoice - we've updated the Dark Mode UI on analytics. No more squinting eyestrain!

Improved Search Performance

  • We poured a little extra rocket fuel into our search function to make it slightly faster. After all, who has the patience for slow load times? ⌛️⹀

That's it for now, folks! Don't forget to stay tuned for more exciting updates from the Brainfish pond.

October 6, 2023

Brainfish Widget Customisation

We've added more customisation options for the Brainfish Widget, giving users more control over how the help center appears to their customers.

Users can now alter the colour scheme, change button text, and modify the overall aesthete that matches their brand identity perfectly. This high level of customisation will enhance the customer experience, helping to create a uniform brand image that stays consistent across all channels.

This feature allows your customer-facing content to maintain a seamless look and feel, aligned with your brand's style and tone. By creating a uniform experience, you can effectively increase customer trust and interaction with your service.

Removal of the Archive Option

In our bid to simplify the Brainfish user interface and make it more efficient, we have removed the Archive Option. This means that all your previously archived materials would now be found in the Trash. But don't worry, they're not discarded. We just made a decision to merge both functionalities into one to help declutter the interface and give you a more streamlined experience.

The Trash now serves as the place for all your deleted queries and responses, as well as the previously archived content. This will make organising, retrieving, or permanently discarding content much easier for users.

September 29, 2023

Answer streaming

You asked...we've answered! For months we've been answering customer questions using the Brainfish search engine, and averaging pretty decent response times of around 5 seconds to answer.


What is answer streaming? Answer streaming instantly shows the first word of a response and shows the user the answer being generated in real time.

This means Brainfish can now consistently answer a customer question in 2 seconds!

We're super excited by this release and it's already making customer answers lightning fast.


  • Archive Removal: As part of our commitment to a more streamlined user experience, we've removed the Archive feature due to its limited use and overlap with the Trash feature.
  • Updated Navigation: To simplify navigation, the Trash feature has been relocated to the Articles tab.

Bug Fixes

  • Search Analytics Filtering: We've resolved bugs related to search analytics filtering, making it more user-friendly and it's now easier to identify the reasons behind unanswered questions.

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