We harness AI to help humans have faster, more fulfilling support experiences.

Our Mission

At Brainfish, our mission is to help your customers get the most out of your products - so you can focus on innovation, not repetition.

Our Story

We started Brainfish to help companies answer customer questions 10X faster, tackling the significant knowledge gap that exists in many customer support interactions.

Our emphasis on content is fundamental to all our creations, as we are convinced that effective content delivery is the key distinction between a satisfactory support experience and a genuinely groundbreaking solution.

Our Founders

Ex-SiteMinder product builders who have a huge passion for best-in-class tech, travelling, and the future of work.

Daniel Kimber

Daniel Kimber

CEO & Co-Founder

Career in Product with background in customer experience

Ajain Vivek

Ajain Vivek

CTO & Co-Founder

Career in Tech with focus on quality, speed and scale

We're backed by world class investors

Peak XV Partners
Macdoch VenturesBlack Sheep Capital

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