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The Most Effective
Help Center Ever.

The AI for Self-Service
Customer Support.

Instant answers for any customer question.

And it's not a chatbot.

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Personalised answers
in under 2 seconds.

No more 'Groundhog Day' for your support team.

Brainfish is an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) for customers to self-answer their questions, instantly.
Real-time generated insights into customer concerns will help your CX team improve your knowledgebase content's efficacy.

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AI answers
Onboard in 24 hours
AI answers
Reduce your support volume by double digit %
customer behaviour analytics
Understand your customers at scale

Enable 80% of customers
to self-serve.

Brainfish uses bespoke AI technology that learns your content to deliver accurate, personalised answers, so that customers can get answers that really resonate - reducing ticket volumes & making everyone happier.

Get value in seconds

Because AI shouldn't be hard to implement.

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Understand customers

Remove the guesswork of customer sentiment

Smart AI generated themes that look at 100% of questions customers ask you online - organised into the top 10 key topics.
Dive into pain points, confidence levels and more to understand how to improve your product, content, or processes.

Smart AI themesBrainfish content import
Brainfish AI
no configuration

Fix your content

Content health checks to put updates on autopilot

Brainfish learns from your content as it's added. No training, waiting or configuration.
Do away with the months spent auditing what needs to be changed to make your documentation hygienic.

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Internationalisation made easy

Serve global customers in their native tongue

Powerful real-time translation that enables your customers to get answers in whatever language they speak. Write your content in 1 language, answer questions in 30+.

Brainfish Analytics
Next Best Actions
Import content

Enable your team

Next best actions to speak to a human

Make it super easy to speak to your team when needed.
Integrate Brainfish with limitless numbers of human-support software like Zendesk, Intercom, Salesforce and more.

Justus Hammer

“Brainfish is a no-brainer. I recommend it to anyone that wants to transform their customer support.”

Justus Hammer (CEO & Co-Founder, Madpaws)

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