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Smokeball cut its self-serve to human rate by over 50%

Brainfish is always rolling out new features and improvements. They are extremely responsive to feedback regarding their product's performance.


Bonny Wong (Content Designer)

Smokeball Australia is an award-winning provider of productivity software for law firms that increases billings, reduces time recording, and facilitates working from anywhere, anytime.

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July 5, 2023

The Smokeball Story 

Smokeball is the embodiment of legal productivity software excellence in Australia. Dedicated to enhancing efficiency for law firms, its digital solutions  are used by more than 5,000 legal professionals across the breadth of the country. Yet, even solvers sometimes need solutions—enter Brainfish.

Smokeball is the provider of three distinct products with versatile pricing tiers that are accessible across multiple devices. Their extensive digital platform hosts over 1000 support articles that cover a vast spectrum of feature functionality from platform features, to area-of-law specific content. However, a challenge they faced was facilitating quick and efficient access to specific content within a highly detailed array of information. 

The Challenge: Optimising Self-service support

The magnitude of Smokeball’s operations was twinned with an equally large challenge. The company saw a high click-through rate for human support with a stagnating deflection rate that hovered around 65-70%. The issue was evident—1 in 3 clients were unable to find immediate solutions to their questions within Smokeball's voluminous knowledge base, leading to an escalation of issues to human support. Not only did this put strain on the company's support system, including handle times of over 20 minutes - but it also disrupted lawyers’ work as they had to wait for assistance. 

This scenario was less than ideal for Smokeball's support team, whose mandate was to enable clients to find answers quickly, work without interruptions, and avoid the need for a ticket raise whenever possible. To create the seamless customer experience they aspired to deliver, Smokeball needed to bridge the gap between customer search-initiated inquiries and accurate, automated answers. 

The Brainfish Solution: Personalising AI for Enhanced Productivity

Brainfish swiftly answered this call by introducing its advanced AI Help Center platform to Smokeball. Designed to provide quick, accurate, and AI-generated answers, its implementation addressed Smokeball’s unique needs significantly. The intelligent AI platform seamlessly navigates Smokeball's broad expanse of articles, resources, and features to offer users precise solutions—reducing time spent browsing drastically and bringing down ticket submissions substantially. The Brainfish team partnered with Smokeball over a hyper-care period of 4 months to refine, and iterate on the self-serve experience and create the desired outcome for the team.

The Results: Halved Click-through Rates and Massive Time Savings

The integration of Brainfish’s AI-platform led to an impressive shift in Smokeball's user behaviour. Click-through rates to human support dropped dramatically by half, descending from 30.8% to just 15.3%. Meanwhile, the deflection rates observed a striking increase, soaring beyond its initial range to cross the 80% mark. 

However, Brainfish delivered value beyond these statistics:

1. Human support hours saw a reduction of over 800 hours per month—an immense saving that allowed Smokeball's support team to focus their energies on more complex tasks and escalations.

2. The Brainfish solution provided a whopping ROI of 750%, making an undeniable case for its long-term place within Smokeball’s support stack.

The collaboration between Smokeball and Brainfish signifies more than just a working relationship. Providing a productive ally in Smokeball's operations, Brainfish helps the firm offer the gold-standard of customer service to their clients. 

With Brainfish's AI-powered Help Center platform, Smokeball is revolutionising the legal services landscape by marrying efficiency with excellent customer service. Today, the benefits of adopting AI to improve productivity and create better experiences are apparent within every aspect of Smokeball's self-service customer experience. 

In the Words of the Smokeball Team:

"Brainfish is always rolling out new features and improvements. They are extremely responsive to feedback regarding their product's performance," states Bonny Wong, Content Designer

"We're super impressed with the level of support you have shown us to date, and the product's efficacy after just a few months of working together," confides Omer Khan, Head of Client Experience

These sentiments reflect Smokeball's high regard for Brainfish—an alliance that continues to thrive on shared values of striving for excellence and delivering seamless customer experiences.

Omer Khan (Head of Client Experience)

"We're super impressed with the level of support you have shown us to date, and the product's efficacy after just a few months of working together."

Omer Khan (Head of Client Experience)

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