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Understanding customer pain points at Clipboard

The Brainfish team have been super receptive to our feedback and creative feature requests, and made improvements to ensure the experience is best in class for our customers.


Megan Van Der Weide (Customer Support Specialist)

Clipboard is a platform for schools to manage all extracurricular programs, improving the experience for students, parents and staff.

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Education tech (Software as a Service)

With Brainfish since

May 1, 2023


Clipboard, a renowned platform that facilitates the management of diverse extracurricular programs for schools, faced the challenge of handling an array of queries from school staff. With over 100,000 users engaging weekly and 1.5 million events powered through the platform across 140+ schools, the support inquiries are complex and often unique.


To streamline their customer support operations and improve user satisfaction, Clipboard decided to try Brainfish. They specifically leveraged Brainfish’s AI-powered Help Center to provide quick, effective, and self-serve solutions to their users' most common issues - and to be able to understand their user pain points more specifically in an organic medium.

Brainfish designed a highly intuitive and user-centric Help Center for Clipboard, integrating it into the existing Clipboard interface. The platform was imbued with AI capabilities to provide instant responses to users' inquiries, taking into consideration the most common issues. Brainfish helped the Clipboard team to improve their articles. They monitor Search Analytics daily, which provides them with insight on customer product confusion. With this, they have been improving their articles and information available to Brainfish and customers. This made the Brainfish Help Center an invaluable resource for round-the-clock user support and service.

The Clipboard team also connected their Intercom Live Chat as a hand-off mechanism for users that needed live assistance, via the next-best-actions feature from Brainfish.

The Clipboard team tested Brainfish against leading platforms including GPT4 powered platforms, and saw that while working with the Brainfish team, they would receive higher accuracy and consistency in responses on average. 


Through their strategic investment in Brainfish’s Help Center, Clipboard witnessed significant strides in resolving their customer support obstacles. The Brainfish Help Center successfully serviced 74% of Clipboard’s self-service users, promptly answering queries and reducing the toll on live support resources.

This integration of Brainfish’s Help Center not only spurred user satisfaction but also quintessentially improved the overall user experience while navigating through Clipboard’s platform. It allowed for a more seamless interfacing with the platform for school staff, contributing to an ameliorated experience for Clipboard's wide range of users.

This initiative saw Clipboard return more than double their investment in Brainfish, marking a successful collaboration that improved the efficient use of resources and delivered an enhanced user experience.

- Doubled investment in Brainfish

- Resolved 74% of self-service users

- Enhanced user satisfaction

- Improved efficiency in customer support

- Mitigated pressure on live support teams.

Jenny Eggimann (Head of Customer Success)

“These analytics are amazing! We chose you because your analytics and user journey reporting is better than anyone else.”

Jenny Eggimann (Head of Customer Success)

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