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Circular saved 20% of team support hours per week

We cut down our team support hours by one fifth thanks to Brainfish. Their platform was incredibly user-friendly and so much easier to navigate than any other customer experience tools we've worked with before.


Jack Low (Senior Customer Operations Executive)

Circular is a tech subscription service. The sustainable way to get the latest devices, from the best brands

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With Brainfish since

May 23, 2023

The Circular Story 

The digital world is in constant evolution, with newer and more innovative devices popping up on the market by the day. Circular, a Singapore-Australian tech subscription service, has seized this opportunity and introduced a sustainable model to deliver the latest electronic devices from top-notch brands to businesses and consumers alike - but with a twist. The idea is simple: access to top-tier technology with little to no upfront cost. 

The Challenge: Managing Peak Customer Support during Rapid Expansion 

As the company charted its path in the industry, its growth rapidly accelerated, fuelled by an increasing number of customers attracted to its unique business model. Success, while exhilarating, brought with it a new set of challenges. An influx of customer support inquiries came pouring in, putting unprecedented strain on their customer support team. 

The strain was overwhelming. The company deployed a competent team of customer support professionals who worked relentlessly to maintain the high standard of customer experience the brand promised. Still, with each query taking an average resolution time of 20 minutes, they were stretched to their limits. 

Month after month, it became increasingly clear: they needed to find a more efficient way to manage their ever-growing number of customer inquiries without compromising the quality of their customer service. 

Enter Brainfish. 

The Brainfish Solution: Enhancing Customer Support with AI 

Brainfish offers an advanced AI Help Center platform, a tool designed to automate customer inquiries management. Incorporating this solution held a two-fold promise for Circular: significantly improved efficiency and higher levels of customer satisfaction. 

How did Brainfish make the magic happen? 

Commencing with a thorough analysis of Circular's existing customer support setup, Brainfish identified which areas were key to automation, where they could add the most value, and eliminate bottlenecks. 

Following the assessment, Brainfish customized their AI-powered Help Center to Circular's precise needs. They aligned it to integrate seamlessly with Circular's existing customer support tools - in this case, Freshdesk, endorsing harmonious collaboration between human and AI agents. 

The Results: A Leap in Efficiency and Huge Savings in Support Hours 

With Brainfish in their toolbox, Circular experienced a swift transition towards a more efficient customer support system. Notably, Brainfish brought down the average human time-to-resolution and successfully deflected a significant number of customer inquiries towards automation. 

The bottom line was a saving of 2112 hours on yearly support, which translated into a powerful ROI of 275.17% for the business, an essential improvement for a rapidly growing company. 

Let's dive deeper into these transformative results:

1. A remarkable 20% weekly reduction in support hours – equivalent to an annual saving of 2112 hours.

2. An overwhelming ROI of 275.17%, further fuelling Circle's growth story.

But the numbers only tell part of the story. 

The Brainfish Impact: Customer Service Excellence meets Efficiency

Through Brainfish, Circular was able to expand and thrive, continuing its rapid growth without compromising an inch of their commitment to premium customer service. 

In the words of Yaniv Bernstein, COO & Co-Founder, "With other options, we would have spent countless hours familiarising ourselves with the tool, time we couldn't spare. Brainfish empowered us to tap into our existing knowledge base and boost our customer service efficiency with almost no initial setup." 

The Brainfish partnership clearly amplifies the organisation's potential and demonstrates how technology can transform the landscape for fast-growth companies. 

Brainfish is clearly more than just another AI tool, offering businesses the opportunity to automate, streamline customer service procedures, save valuable time, reduce costs and deliver a gold-standard customer experience. All while the companies can focus their energies where they're required - growing their operations and their brand. 

Without a doubt, Brainfish's integration within Circular’s customer service experience implementation has been a pivotal step in their success, highlighting Brainfish's potential to help fast-growing companies thrive. And this is just the beginning of Circular's growth story.

Yaniv Bernstein (COO & Co-Founder)

"All the other options needed us to spend a lot of time onboarding—time we already didn’t have! Brainfish let us leverage our existing knowledge base to increase CX efficiency with near-zero upfront effort."

Yaniv Bernstein (COO & Co-Founder)

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