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February 16, 2024
Enhanced Brainfish AI, more team members, and MORE Performance Upgrades
Enhanced Brainfish AI, more team members, and MORE Performance Upgrades

Burning the midnight oil this week to deliver 3 major upgrades:

New Experimental AI Models

We have leveraged our expertise in AI to develop a new set of in-house Brainfish models. Currently, we're testing these models on a select group of customers to evaluate their performance and quality. This is a significant step forward in advancing our AI capabilities and we're excited to see what differences it can make in answer speed, quality and consistency.

New Machine Learning Team Members

We've brought on 2 new Machine Learning Engineers over the past 2 weeks and are excited to have them onboard to deepen our focus on Machine Learning and Self-service.

Search Engine and Document Handling Improvements

We've upgraded the performance of our search engine and document handling in our system. These updates mean that articles modified by Brainfish users will be updated faster and segmented more efficiently.

Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to evolve and improve your Brainfish experience. Keep the feedback coming, it helps us serve you better!

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