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February 2, 2024
Brainfish Themes: Understand your customers better at scale
Brainfish Themes: Understand your customers better at scale

Taking customer understanding to new heights with this week's major release, Brainfish Themes:

The introduction of Themes is the outcome of extensive feedback from our customer experience and support clients who put in significant efforts trying to analyse copious amounts of customer query data. This was a lengthy process, often taking several days or weeks, to identify key themes for business reporting and action plans.

Brainfish Themes leverages our signature AI to examine all customer queries over a month and aggregates them into the top ten key themes that customers inquire about.

In-depth Theme Insights:

Clicking on a specific theme offers a detailed view of the % of queries we were able to generate an answer for, the % of confidence we had in the relevance of your content to the customer's question.

We further break it down to show:
- The top three most-frequently shown articles
- The top five sub-themes

Additionally, you can see all of the searches and answers within a theme, and clicking on a sub-theme filters the list of searches by that sub-theme.

This new feature considerably simplifies the process of understanding patterns in customer inquiries, enabling you to address specific customer needs promptly and efficiently. With the power of Brainfish Themes, you're just a few clicks away from a more in-depth understanding of your customers!

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