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November 3, 2023
Smart Autocomplete
Smart Autocomplete

We're thrilled to bring to you another set of game-changing features that are bound to make your Brainfish experience smoother than ever.

Introducing Real-Time Question Autocomplete
We're raising the bar with this major new feature rolled into our AI platform. Now, while your customers are typing in their queries, Brainfish will instantly generate suggestions based on your Help Center content. This way, we're not just guiding your customers on the potential questions they can ask, but also shaping their whole interaction experience with a Brainfish Help Center.


Bug Fixes

A handful of minor bugs were identified and our team squashed them neatly. Your Brainfish experience should now be bug-free!

Enhanced Tracking System

We've beefed up our tracking capabilities to provide more in-depth data and analytics.

Thats it for now! Stick around till next week for the next round of developments shuffling in from the Brainfish pond.

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