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November 10, 2023
Regional Updates & Confidence Scoring Improvements
Regional Updates & Confidence Scoring Improvements

The Brainfish team has been hard at work this week.

Regional Flags and Options

To make navigation easier and more intuitive within the Brainfish Platform, we've added region flag indicators to the Article Breadcrumbs. Additionally, Europe has now been added as a region option.

Direct Regional Navigation‍

Ever wished you could jump directly to a specific region in your Help Center? Wish granted! With our latest update, users can navigate directly to a chosen region by simply adding a suffix of "/?region=US" (change "US" to your desired region code).


Zendesk Import Update

  • We’ve tweaked the Zendesk import functionality to make it even more seamless and user-friendly.

Improved Confidence Scoring

  • Our efforts to provide the most accurate and relevant responses have borne fruit. This week, we launched an improvement on scoring confidence for one-word answers. Rest assured, Brainfish is constantly learning and working to offer the most precise results.

Enhanced Autocomplete Usability

  • Customers will find our autocomplete feature more efficient and user-friendly after the usability enhancements we implemented this week.

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