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October 27, 2023
Content Reordering
Content Reordering

We're delighted to bring you some fresh updates that will significantly enhance your Brainfish experience.

On popular demand, we've introduced a feature that will make your life easier when arranging your Help Center. Brainfish Content Reordering is now available for all Articles and Nested Articles. Simply click and drag using the 6 dots located on the left of any Article or Nested Article, and place it exactly where you want - it's that effortless.

Smarter Discard Flow

We believe that no incorrect answer is a waste - it's an opportunity to learn and get better. With that in mind, we are introducing a smarter way for customers to discard answers. You can not only discard an answer, but you can now also categorise the reason for its discard into five categories, along with providing a suggested answer. This way, Brainfish can understand your specific requirements and continually enhance its performance. The categories are:

  • Incorrect Answer
  • Hallucinated Answer
  • Oversharing
  • Wrong Article Surfaced
  • Other Reason


Region Segmentation and Category Filtering for Brainfish Widget: We've now integrated region segmentation and category filtering into the Brainfish Widget.

Watch this space for more exciting updates!

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